Company profile

Chongqing Epet Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and launched our online pet specialty e-commerce website in July of 2009 and is China’s largest high-end pet products retail platform in the pet industry. At Epet, we believe that every pet deserves the very best and this impacts everything we do. We are committed to improving the lives of pets through offering the best service and products to all pet parents. Epet have stayed faithful to our core values of “authentic, selected, and simple” by providing friendly customer service, great word of mouth and a continuous 200% growth over 6 consecutive years.

To ensure our pet families can enjoy the best service and authentic products, we have established our very own in-house delivery centers in 11 cities including Chongqing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xi’an, and Hangzhou; with supporting warehouses scattered across the nation covering the east, west, Hong Kong for cross border e-commerce and Hangzhou bonded warehouse, we are able to offer 24 hour delivery services within these cities. We have also expanded our branch offices across the world in the USA and Hong Kong to actively communicate with manufacturers overseas. currently holds 748 brands, allowing the convenience to our customers’ to access brands from all over the world without the need to search for them outdoors.

Development history

Jul 2009 Official launch of

December 2010, Epet built 3,000 square meters of western modern warehouse was awarded “2011 Internet Information Services Excellence Award” by Chongqing Municipal Commission’s sales revenue reached the industry’s top 3 nationally, offering over 10,000 SKUs

Launch of’s smartphone app

Epet’s annual sales revenue reached over CNY 100 million. Reconstructed the warehouse located in the west of China to 10,000 square meters.

Expanded on a national scale to Chengdu and Xi’an. Received series A financing of CNY 65 million from DT Capital Partners.

Mar 2016 Expanded on a national scale to cover Wuhan, Kunming, Guiyang, Nanjing, Wuchang, Hangzhou, Ningbo. Established a 3000 square meter warehouse Hong Kong for pet food cross border e-commerce services as one of the first companies in China’s pet industry. We also established a branch office in the US as the first global purchasing department in China’s pet industry.

Jun 2017 became one of the first companies to cooperate with Hangzhou’s cross border e-commerce pilot zone, and established a bonded warehouse. Received series B financing of USD 50 million from IDG Capital Partners.

Genuine authorization

Product safety is a brand’s core, Epet strives to only work directly with the manufacturer or appointed distributors to ensure that we provide 100% authentic products to pet parents. At the same time, we will constantly introduce new products to the platform and improve on our shopping experience to achieve our core value “authentic, selected, and simple”

We proudly present some of our Declaration of Authenticity below:

Honor Award

  • 360 Recommended Platform in the Pet Category
  • 2011 Chongqing "Top 10 Website Award"
  • 2012 Exemplary Chongqing Internet Information Services
  • 2012 Chongqing E-commerce Excellence Award
  • 2013 Most Valuable E-commerce Pet Products Retailer in China
  • 2013 Ebrun National E-commerce Retailer Top 100 (sole candidate in the pet industry)
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Pet charity

Special thanks to the following twelve city moving organizations

  • Chongqing:Chongqing Small Animal Protection Association
  • Beijing:Good dog good cat stray dog volunteer group
  • Chengdu:Love Home Animal Protection Association
  • Shenzhen:Shenzhen stray dog post
  • Changsha:Changsha City Small Animal Protection Association
  • Wuxi:Wuxi Small Animal Protection Association
  • Foshan:Foshan City companion animal protection association
  • Nanchang:Nanchang Small Animal Protection Association
  • Suzhou:Suzhou Small Animal Protection Association
  • Kunming:Kunming billion heart wave baby rescue
  • Shanghai:Shanghai Wu aunt stray cats and dogs home
  • Wuhan:Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association